Filip-Henri Decoster


Sweet Dreams 85 x 63 x 15

jan 2020: Verhoogen Gallery

nov 2019: ‘To Be 2019’, Kavka Antwerpen

nov 2019: ‘Integrated’, St. Lucas KDG Antwerpen

aug 2019: ‘Champ d’ Action Labo’, de Singel Antwerpen

dec 2018: ‘I am sitting in a room, but bro, where’s the drop?!’, het Bos Antwerpen

jun 2017: ‘6 Vingers In 1 Handschoen’ (Independent Group Exhibition), Contrair Antwerpen 

sep 2016: ‘Kasteelfeesten’, CC252 Ekeren Curriculum Vitae_Filip Henri Decoster



2018 – 2019 Master of Fine Arts, St. Lucas Antwerpen

2014 – 2018 Bachelor of Fine Arts, St. Lucas Antwerpen


aug 2016: ‘Ik was erbij’, CC252 Ekeren

nov 2015: ‘Zonder Schroom’, Studio Start Antwerpen


The Well (detail ) 120 x 80 x 54 

Flirting with sound, sculpture and (pseudo-)science, the installations of Filip Henri Decoster evoke a sense of chaotic poetry and melancholic intimacy. Using the world around him, he distils a language in which ‘time’ and ‘process’ are central. His work is often derived from experiments, or relates to his childhood memories and dream-like imagery. Through the reclaiming of old materials, he explores human histories and how they have shaped the world around us, and how they could shape the world still to come.


Inner Piece ( detail ) 171 x 20 x 20 

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